h DIP Talks#7: LUCA School of Arts, 27.02.2019, 7-9 pm Campus Sint-Lukas, Paleizenstraat 70, Bruxelles Acquisition by the De Pietri-Artphilein Foundation of two works part of the series Fräsen Sguardi sul Futuro, exhibition at Galleria San Fedele, Milano 9.01 - 2.02.2019 Exhibition at WopArt Fair with Heillandi Gallery, 20 - 23 September 2018, Lugano Opening at Centro Culturale San Fedele, 20th September, 2018, Milano Premio San Fedele 2018 Serie Inversa #4, Diogene, Turin 2017 CCA Kitakyushu Research Program Exhibition,
Kitakyushu 2017 Fräsen, Exhibition at Fondazione 107, Turin 2016